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A bloated jackass who doesn't know shit. He said so much shit about my high school and how "we've probably never heard the name Adolph Hitler" and that "we don't know jack about WWII" all because we have an award winning multicultural history program about other countries besides the U.S.
"Hey, did you hear what Rush said about us on May 10th?"
"Yah, what a douche bag, we even challenged him to a debate and he can't get off his fat ass to accept"
by matt k May 22, 2005

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Adj;Very good or pretty good; very splendid
That movie was very brigmn!
by Matt K November 02, 2003

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A social gathering where a large amount of marijuana is smoked using a bong
I was so high at the binger that I couldn't feel my legs.
by Matt K December 06, 2003

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