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A book given out at the end of each schoolyear. Most guys only look at their picture and then forget about it, while girls go absolutely nuts over the thing and make every single person that they've ever talked to sign it. An example of something a girl would write would go as follows...

"OMG! TINA! Where to begin, LOL! We had soooo many fun times together this year! Let's stay BFF, okay? Call me over the summer! Stay sweet! Love ya! OMG!"
Shit, the yearbooks are here. My girlfriend is gonna make me write nine pages for her.
by Matt Artus June 03, 2005

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A porn star with the greatest natural breasts I've ever seen. She also knows how to suck a dick and isn't afraid to take it in the ass.
My dick hurts. I jacked off to Brandy Taylor's tits four times in a row.
by Matt Artus June 02, 2005

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