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Easily the greatest performing guitarist today, and arguably ever. B can be traced to virtually every blues and rock guitarist, and has influenced such greats as Jimi Hendrix, Tinsley Ellis,Johnny Copeland, Albert King, And Stevie Ray Vaughn. B.B. is often credited with inventing the sound and style of electric blues, and, although 80 years of age now, is still a total badass on the guit-fiddel.
I saw B.B. King live today, and there were bags under our chairs to catch the drippings in the event of a face melting solo

I creamed my Jeans several times during my air guitar session along with my favorite B.B. King Album

If Jimmy Page and B.B. king shared a stage, the music that would ensue would demolish the assholes of everyone within a 500 billion mile radius.
by Matr1z May 22, 2005
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What old people, generally your grandparents, call "youngsters". The word is derived from the term "snapping your whip" which means getting a b0n3r. So basically your granddad is calling you a whipper snapper because you can get it up and he can't. The term has been used less frequently since the development of viagra
"You young whipper snappers!! Always sticking your business in places were it doesn't belong!"
by Matr1z December 03, 2004
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