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Someone that wants to be just like the professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. Often wears the same brands, such as Emerica and Baker.
You also have clones from other skaters, such as Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Eric Koston etc.

Please note that not everyone with a Baker deck or Emerica shoes is a Reynolds-clone, some just think that Baker decks are great and Emerica shoes too.
Dude, check out the Reynolds-clone over there, he thinks he's all that with his new Baker board. I bet he can't even do a Tre flip.
by Martinow September 08, 2007
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Dutch word for people that are crazy (the good way) or fucking high.
Example 1:
Jack: Who's that?
Joe: That's Josh, he's 'lijp'.

Jack: Wow, whats wrong with him?!
Joe: He had a green day, hes lijp!
by Martinow September 16, 2006
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1) Dutch band, founded in 1974 by Hans Sanders. Their music is Dutch, and most of their songs had a political message. They where famous in The Netherlands, Belgium and East Germany. They choose to write their name without a capital.
2) Programs made for chatboxes/programs, that automaticly answer you.
3) Programs made for spam.
1) Did you see the bots concert last night?

2) Martinow: Fuck You
Bot: No Swearing please

3) Buy now this penis pillss!!!!!
by Martinow June 12, 2007
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