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A person who loves to go in search of bums he can steal of another gay man.
Also used to describe someone who has offended or annoyed you.
The term was invented by a bus load of 14, 15 and 16 year olds on a ski trip to france.
that hurt you fucking but pirate, go felch some bum.
by Martin Perkins February 08, 2005
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feeder rule and theire music is as good as the times of echo park and yesterday went too soon. the death of john lee was a great loss as he had such a unique style of drumming. Mark Richardson brings his own, effective form to feeder in these times.
feeder ruled on december 11th when they played Birmingham NIA.
by Martin Perkins January 01, 2004
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a catogory of music heavily supported and funded by 2 people: Joe and Alexi.
Hense the name "jalexi". This brand of music is common to bands such as kings of leon, the white stripes, the libertines, the strokes and variouse other "the" bands. This particular catorgory is also to a lesser extent supported by fartso's
lets go buy some jalexi music, fartso.
by Martin Perkins January 01, 2004
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