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Son of Bruce Lee, Kicks butt and is really cool, however, if you call someone a j. lee It means they do not look because he always has his eyes closed. -.-
your a john lee, the remote is on the sofa
by prassanananana December 10, 2013
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A name used to around 50% of the Chinese population. A very common name to the Chinese that lives in a small village on a farm with a 2 rice fields and 3 tractors. Then later goes in a 1st world country where he is later bullied because there are 50 people in his school also named John Lee
You: Hey John Lee
John #1: Hey
John #2: Hi!
John #3: Whats up?
John #4: Ching chong
John #5: I can't see
by Ya mums car February 27, 2018
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A fuckboi. A man who will murder your heart and possibly rape you. He will love than hate you faster than you can say hello. He loves every girl he sees and wears navy on navy on black. He will steal your heart and your social life. Best beware he is a dick. And not the good one. And he isn't named Richard either.
Damn that guy must be a John Lee.

Guys John Lee fucked me hard and now i am here with a broken heart!
by sugarmanbands November 20, 2017
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Similar to a candy bar, this person has milk chocolate skin with caramel eyes. This man is always the shiniest star no matter what room he walks in. His goofy spirit and vibrant smile always brings joy to those who surround him. John-Lee is naturally talented when it comes to just about anything, but his specialties are in music, sports, and dancing. This is definitely a man that you want to stay in contact with, whether it’s friends or more, he will change your life.
Dang John-Lee, you lookin like somebody fiancΓ©.
by Anonymous User Unknown May 27, 2019
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