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Yankification is when American culture and American sentiment is expressed in films, music and other media to such an extent that it becomes nauseating. Films like "Independence Day" and the "Patriot" are prime examples.
How many times can you get an American flag into a film.

Yankification or what!
by Mark Hughes85 June 01, 2010

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A term used to describe an English man or more generally a British citizen. Contrary to popular believe this proud nation of people don’t all have bad dental work or speak the Queens English but are probably one of the last countries on earth that don’t despise the Americans. The US owe its very existence to England/UK and without Britain that whole area would probably be some Spanish speaking shit hole like much of the rest of America. If you are going to comment on a country make sure you’ve been there or have ever left your own country at least. By the way no one says “old bean,” “Crikey” or “old chap” in Britain. In closing if you live on the west coast of America there is a good chance that you have some English or British blood in you.

Highly skilled at losing wars - I think America could be put in that bracket too.
Did he just call me a Limey, that one of the worst comebacks ever.
by Mark Hughes85 June 03, 2010

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