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Noisettes are an indie rock trio from the London, England consisting of Shingai Shoniwa on vocals and bass, Dan on guitar, and Jamie Morrison on drums. The band started in 2003 when Shingai and Dan were in the band Sonarfly an later met Dan. Noisettes have toured with Muse, Bloc Party, TV on the Radio, The Baby Shambles, and currently have tour dates set up for the US starting in April and they are set to appear at Coachella Friday, April 27th. They released their debut album February 5th 2007, What's The Time Mr. Wolf ?
Noisettes are a great indie rock band!
by MariaV February 7, 2007
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The lead singer and bassist for the band Noisettes, known for her Karen O meets Billie Holiday on PCP vocals and wild stage antics
Shingai Shoniwa is an enticingly a rocking beautiful women!
by MariaV February 7, 2007
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What's The Time Mr. Wolf? Is the debut album for the indie rock trio Noisettes released on Febuary the 5th of 2007. The track listings include:
1. "Don't Give Up"
2. "Scratch Your Name"
3. "The Count Of Monte Christo"
4. "Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)"
5. "Bridge To Canada"
6. "Iwe"
7. "Nothing To Dread"
8. "Mind The Gap"
9. "Cannot Even (Break Free)"
10. "Hierarchy/ Never Fall In Love Again"
What is the best album of 2007 so far, What's The Time Mr. Wolf? !
by MariaV February 7, 2007
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(v) To veganize is to modify something non-vegan to vegan with vegans awesomess.
by MariaV January 14, 2008
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