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the do's and do nots in the world of potheads

simply etiquitte for stoners
for example:
wetting the tip of a joint

cherrying up the whole bowl when you have greens when you know you should corner the hit

lighting somebody else's joint and taking huge hits before passing it to them

christening the bowl in somebody else's new piece before them even if its your bud
"dude you didnt corner the bowl, wheres your potheadiquitte man?"

"im callin up jeff for a quad man

Nah don't call him his potheadiquitte sucks, last time i bought an eighth from him it weighed out to 3.2
by Marco González March 01, 2007
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the combination of psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms and peanut butter
shrooms can taste like stale popcorn, they can taste like feet, but they never taste good and the act of consuming them with peanut butter makes for a much more enjoyable dining experience than eating shrooms plain
"hey bro wanna eat some hippie nachos?"

"fuck that, last time you gave me that the walls started breathing and everything was changing colors"
by Marco González April 27, 2007
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