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This word is pronounced 'fish' through manipulation of atypical linguistic rules.
It uses the gh from laugh, the o from women and the ti from nation.
Ghoti is a bastard word that only has application in written context, and is primarily used by people trying to be smartasses.
by Marasmus November 11, 2003

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pseudo-hispanic slang for "slapped", which is pseudo-english slang for fucked
Last night, I slapted dat shit so hard, her mother called me to say "thank you".
by Marasmus March 23, 2003

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Applying one's own saliva to the penis to facilitate sexual relations with an unknowing and traditionally unconscious sexual partner.
She had the nerve to fall asleep on me! Now I'ma have to pull a spit and run on that ass!
by Marasmus March 23, 2003

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(slizz-E) 1. Adj. Describing the nature of being a slizzle.
2. N. Same as above, oftentimes used as a noun in place of slizzle.
I bet that slizzy bartender over there can run a train and mix a perfect martini at the same time!
by Marasmus June 04, 2003

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