2 definitions by Manafort Chubbz

–noun, singular; Similar to the bodyshot; The ballsack is stretched and pulled slightly downward to create a bowl-like enclosure. A shot is then poured into the temporary enclosure and consumed by a classy woman.
The Nutty Professor: "I threw a formal dinner party last night. Since I was the host of the party, it was common courtesy to give out Nutty Professor's to every female guest."
by Manafort Chubbz March 17, 2010
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noun, singular. Similar to a body shot; The skin of a penis is pulled over the head, creating a cylindrical enclosure. The inside is then filled to the brim with alcohol, and consumed like a traditional shot by a classy woman. After completion of the shot, everyone in the room must yell MOZZLETOFF!
The Bar Mitzvah: "I gave out so many Bar Mitzvah's last night that my penis has a hangover."
by Manafort Chubbz March 17, 2010
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