2 definitions by Makkusu

1. The limitation of acceptable Swagger, set by a certain location/occasion

2. The maximum Swagger that an individual has, or can ever hope to, achieve. Typically, when someone passes their own Swagger Limit, they end up looking like a Poser.
Person A- Dude!!
Person B- What?
Person A- What are you doing all dressed like that! We're at my grandmother's funeral!
Person A- So?
Person B- WAAAAAY over the Swagger Limit, brosef...

Person A- Why's Jimmy here? He's a nobody!
Person B- And he's poppin' his collar like it's the 90s..
Person A- Definitely passed his Swagger Limit. Now he just looks like a Poser.
by Makkusu January 01, 2010
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Variant of the Greek name "Nicole," meaning "Victorious People"
These are the people you should watch out for, and not in the bad way; Give them the way, and their Will shall lead them to conquer anything and, indeed, achieve victory. Don't nay-say these persons; when they achieve victory, THEY will be the ones to decide who stays and who goes (whether they be your boss, your political leader, or your über-dictator of the world)
Person 1: Hey, look at that Nikol girl... she's kinda weird...

Person 2: SHH SHH!!! Not so loud! Do you really want to tempt Makkusu's definition of her??
by Makkusu August 27, 2009
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