2 definitions by MaikuKitton

Much like projectile vomit. In most average cases shit comes flying out of one's ass at 5000 miles per hour and rips your ass cheecks off, therefore leaving you assless for the rest of your life, unless the ass fairy comes in and creates new ass cheecks out of chicken fat for you.
Daniel had projectile diarrhea once and now he has no fucking friends because he smells like shit, fo shizzel!
by MaikuKitton September 28, 2006
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A term used for psychotic nimrods who cant figure out what else to annoy people with so they say this moronic word to fry your brain. Often used by posers and kids with down syndrome.
"Oh My God! Like my scoobles fell out of my scooble and I totally scoobled! Isn't scooble just scoobley?!"

""I can't understand you! What the FUCK are you saying?! Why is there shit everywhere?! There's splooge on my face!? Why is your penis in my mouf mphmph""
by MaikuKitton December 10, 2006
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