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Trolling is the exploration of the contrary. It serves as a primer to ignite the stupidity lying dormant within the zeal of an ideology or proposition.

A successful troll can be successful, by adopting a point of view contrary to their own and exploiting its weaknesses before a fellow proponent. A troll knows his enemy by trolling as his enemy.

A good troll plays a polemicist, with the hope of exposing the arrogance and irrationality of his target. A naive and unsuspecting victim is much more likely to deal a statement in absolutes if approached by someone appearing equally vehement of the contrary. A troll must sustain their position, however unlikely or immoral it may be. Ecumenicism does not exist in the world of troll.

In is no coincidence that induction of emotional outbursts in others is a salient feature of successful trolling. Indeed, it has been suggested that this property allows for a redefining of trolling as a critical analysis of human nature by socially deconstructive commentary.

In addition to being a valuable addition to discourse, trolling is a leisurely activity. One who opposes conventional wisdom need not be a revolutionary nor fool, merely a connoisseur of the fruit of uncertainty which gives so many imperious souls the indigestion that is rage.

Just as a witticism is an epigram on the death of a feeling, a successful troll is concluded with an epitaph on the death of a certainty.
Trolling: "God clearly scorched the negro's skin black in preparation for hell. That sounds merciful to me. Do you or do you not believe you can get a sunburn in hell?"
by Magnus Bojaxiu December 5, 2011
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