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british Tik toker who’s notorious for capitalizing on the worst aspects of US culture. Enjoys guns, causing chaos and looking pretty

J bravo aka “junior” is a future criminal if he’s not on the radar already
J bravo is the reason tik tok started banning certain accounts with questionable content

J bravo (@juniortrooper69) is sexy but he’ll rip your face off and take your girl to dinner that same night
by Magnesium_DUI December 24, 2021
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Graphic novel about a celebrity who obssesses over batfleck which causes him to become the real life batman but because he’s mentally unstable it makes him deadlier and ALOT like what the “real life batman” would be like if he were real.
Batman jr Grimes IS EVERYTHING you could hope for in a Batman story, it’s a love letter to Batman fans everywhere and emotional where it shouldn’t be and intense where one doesn’t expect it too

a solid crime thriller that is significant in its existence as it flips the comic book genre on its head and now a staple of realistic comic books everywhere and discredits all fanfiction.

The Batman jr grimes
by Magnesium_DUI December 28, 2022
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