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When your sexual partner is tied up or handcuffed to the bed. When its dark slowly place your butthole over his/her face and let out a load. Force it down their thoats.
Tom: Woah, Mike.. im really sorry your wife died yesturday, perhaps you'd like to come to my basement. i live alone.
Mike: No thanks, im okay, i actually killed my wife when i pulled a "Dark Choke." The last words she mumbled were, "What the fuck did you eat Mike, it's very fruity."
Tom: Do the cops know this story?
Mike: Me either
by MagicMailman December 13, 2008

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A male/female who relentlessly looks for any kind of poop. They then place it in a plastic lunch bag, heats it up in microwave for 2 minutes, and whipes it on an opponents back.
Tom : Woah man, you have a giant shit skidmark across the back of your sweater again
Mike: I swear, i didn't shit on my sweater this time.
Tom: i dont belive you, after you shat on my pillow
Mike: This must be the works of a "Sherlock Shitter"
by MagicMailman December 13, 2008

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