2 definitions by MadMatter007

1. A person who is so crazy that they cause a spectacle and get people watching.
2. A person who is crazy to the point that they get followers who think the craziness is esoteric.

Concept comes from a person screaming and yelling loudly through public streets to the point that people line up along the sides of the road to watch for entertainment purposes.
My friend is so passionate about social injustice, she's a one person crazy parade.

When my friend realized that the restaurant obtained their bread from factory bakeries, he turned into a one person crazy parade. Fortunately I caught it on video. Viral-video famedom here I come.
by MadMatter007 September 10, 2014
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Someone who knows so little about computers that more than one button will confuse them.
"The users computer had eight buttons. After I guided this person through pushing all buttons over the phone to no effect. It turned out that the computer wasn't plugged in. Clearly she's a One Button User."
by MadMatter007 July 16, 2014
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