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Blockland: (Noun)
Blockland is an online building game created in early 2005. This game was created by Eric "Badspot." The game is also protected by other admins. There are various of things to do when on Blockland. Such as zombie survivals, death runs, freebuild, roleplay, and more. It is at first free. However, there is a brick limit on Demo Mode. You have a limit of 150 bricks. So if you want the entire game, you need 20.00 American dollars. This will also let you play online with other people. Since that was not enabled on Demo Mode. This game is played with over 20,000 enabled accounts across the globe.
Guy 1: Hey I was playing Roblox yesterday, and I found that it's boring. So what should I do now?
Guy 2: Let's look on the internet.
*Both go and type in "Online building game"*
Guy 1: Hey, what's that?
*Points at game called Blockland*
Guy 2: Let's try it.
*Both try and like it*
*So both buy*
by Machine that kills Zombies January 07, 2012

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