2 definitions by Macadaciouse Millan

The bizarre, wild dance done to the music known as Ska. Not to be confused with a, "skank" skanking resembles running in place while flailing your arms. While popular at Ska shows, it is more acceptable at other mixed venues to simply join the mosh. Unskilled skankers are sometimes mistaken for seizure victims.
Ex: Good Skanker: Most Reel Big Fish fans. Identifiable by their large sunflower sunglasses and festive attire.
Bad Skanker: "That Guy." The one at every show that looks like he has a bad itch.
by Macadaciouse Millan April 17, 2004
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A cross of the calm Rastafarianism and the more angsty Punk Rock idealism. It preaches a laid back attitude usually aided by heavy marijuana use, as well as optional Anti government attitudes. The former can sometimes outweigh the latter, however, to the point where one only cares about skating and women.
Ex: Much of the suburban east cost.

A skater punk can be identified by his long hair, ripped denim, large "skate" shoes, and almost constant use of the word, "dude."
by Macadaciouse Millan April 16, 2004
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