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The highest level of the dolphin chain. To acheive this high prestige of being a dolphina, you must become a dolphin hoe, then proceed and advance into a dolphin bro. Once being a dolphin bro has been mastered then, one can become a dolphina. a dolphina is the main bitch.
Dolphina, thats my main bitch.

Thats a dolphin bro, thats a dolphin hoe.

Hey dolphina, hold my coat while i fina whoopdid this niggas assy.
by Mac Mood July 17, 2010
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Someone who's life serves no meaning. When sober, they are usually in a state of pessimism. When drunk, they are completely blacked-out/shit-faced. Typically a man who is under 5 foot 2 inches.
Person A: Has anyone here seen the trash?

Person B: No, Justin quit working here.
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by Mac Mood October 01, 2016
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