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Arms-Length Friend: a friend who's a really old friend, you've known for so long but is actually a low-key snake 'cause they do snakey ish. SO you can't get rid of them but you can't stay around them for too too long. Like they're definitely in the wedding party but, be careful cuz they may make a scene making it about them.
Scenerio 1

Adam- So did you ask Erica what she thinks of your new fit
Jadah- yee, she said it was A-mazing and I should go out tonight like this
Adam- it looks like trash still, she's an ALF don't believe her.
Jadah- ok thanks, good lookin out 'cause i thought so too.

Scenario 2

Jadah- why'd you show up so late?
Adam-oh I didn't know there was a specific time, Erica said it started anytime between 7or 8pm.
Jadah-I asked, she said she thought she told everyone it started at 7pm and forgot...buut...
Adam- yeah I know she does some snakey ish, she's such an ALF. Gotta take a break from her.
by MYPseudoMY January 28, 2020
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