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Hair which is usually shoulder length and natural colored with little to no style, making it easy to do in the morning for the gal on the go...very low maintainance.
Nina: "Man, you'd think that girl could wear something other than those black dress pants and out of style Steve Madden shoes"
Maggie: "Not to mention her 9-5 hair."
Nina : "Corperate America sure is a bitch."
by MRE Chicago May 17, 2010
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Body odor of no merit achieved from doing meaningless chores all day that no one is even grateful for, just to have then undone then redone tomorrow.
(A mom to her single friend)
Mom: "After driving Dylan to soccer in my Toyota Highlander (the mini-van of the 2000's), and going grocery shopping I developed mommy B.O. I couldn't even shower before my parent/teacher conference"

Friend: "uh well, maybe if you took five minutes to talk about something people actually gave a shit about these problems wouldn't plague you"

Mom: "Whatever"

Friend: " and you wonder why your husband is fucking the dental hygienist"
by MRE Chicago June 29, 2012
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