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A dude with the physical stature of a jockey crossbred with a munchkin.

Most jochkins are only capable of providing q-gasms during bed-play and other intimate encounters with women. In addition, they commonly present with Little Peen syndrome.

A jochkin should not be confused with a midget; they are much more similar to primordial dwarfs.
Oh my god! She TOTALLY hooked up with the jochkin from the bar last night! Can you believe it? He's so tiny it must have been like saddling Barbaro (may he rest in peace) and riding her right down the Yellow Brick Road to the land of 'O's.

If I were she, I would have pleaded with Glenda for a broken leg and begged to put out of my misery rather than suffer the shame of finishing the Bed Derby with a jochkin in tow.
by MMW July 25, 2007
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An individual with a hustler-like mentality, who manages to pull off his scams in a smooth, almost dapper manner.

(Can also be a noun "Hozzle" or verb "To Hozzle")
He was a hozzler when he hit on me

I hozzled him!

You won't believe the hozzle I just pulled off

Barney Stintson of the CBS hit comedy "How I Met Your Mother"
by MMW January 17, 2008
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