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In Football (soccer terms) relates to a person or persons who only support or follow a certain team because they are successful and win trophies on a regular occasion. The trend started with Liverpool in 1980's, but was hit out the park by the amount of Manchester United fans that sprouted up in the 90's. Arsenal and Chelsea are two other teams that have small glory hunting followings surrounding them.

Manchester United continue to be the most well supported club in England, including being the third most popular club in London, and the next most well supported club in every City and Town in the country after the specific places home town teams. United fans are also called "plastics", very few attend games, but most are considered to be the most arrogant type of fans around. Most are regarded as not true football fans and are nothing but convenience supporters.
"United fans dancing in the streets of Exeter last night again after that win, can't stand glory hunters"

"my brother has never been to a game, he has last seasons strip and watches the highlights every other week but still bigs them up like he's connected to the club, what a glory hunter"
by MM86 December 25, 2012
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