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1. an unattractive boy who thinks he is so cool and decides to treats girls like crap and make them cry
2. a ugly ass boy who calls his girlfriend horrible names and continues to do it when she tells him to stop.

3. a boy who doesnt realize his girlfriend is beautiful and the best and treats her like shit and calls her a bitch for no reason and accuses her of cheating.
One of my beautiful friends was going out with a little scrawny doushbag turd who got mad at her for no reason and repeatly called her a bitch and always told her to shut the fuck up. He treated her with no respect and made her cry many times. Guys like this are known as "Little Scrawny Doushbag Turds."
by MHFH Goalie September 21, 2010
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1. MHFH awesome players who wear thongs allowing their asses to hang out while being bitchy to one another.
2. Girls who let their ass hang out while bitching about their lives.
At the MHFH sleepover one of the girls was wearing extremly short shorts which allowed her ass to hang out while she was bitching at me for leaving her stuff down stairs. She is such an Ass hanging out Bitches.
by MHFH Goalie September 21, 2010
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