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A female writer who lives thug ways but has great style and grace. A person who is rare . 'Kosa' in Spanish translates for 'thing' a rare thing. This consists of being your own person, not only a person but more than that being capable to do your own thing and not what others expect. A kosa lives in a palace, a palace without jewels or riches but in her mind it's everything, she is a queen in her world no downfalls matter , with dreams like no other. Many say she lives in Jamaica in a cave by a cannabis field with a goblin who rolls her weed. Don't be afraid to be a thing.
J : Kosa you don't show to care about anything but I love you

Kosa: let's listen to music & fly
by MGP December 21, 2013

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1. Term used for making fun of people who act too ghetto for the suburbs.

2. Term used for a guy who cuts you off in traffic.

3. Term used for someone who thinks they are better, hotter, or more successful than everyone else.
1. Damn, he's so ghetto he should go live in da hood. Play on player.

2. Get in your own lane player.

3. He thinks he's the shizzle. Play on player.
by mgp March 17, 2005

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