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n. - a condition consisting of a headach combined with nausea and a sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises. Usually caused by a night of heavy drinking. aka - Hangover
Debbie called in sick today because she has the brown bottle flu.
by MDM December 01, 2004
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(n.) plain brown paper bag used to cover an alcohol container. Often used to consume alcohol in public where open containers are illegal.
I'm gonna put my fo'ty in a ghetto cooler so the cops don' bust me.
by MDM August 09, 2005
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(n.) any hard, heavy object used to break a window in order to gain entry into a vehicle or structure. usually a rock.
Tyronne used an african skeleton key to get passed those weak-ass french doors.
by MDM July 19, 2005
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An excellent GameCube game released in the US, known in Japan as Animal Leader
Cubivore rocks, whereas Metroid Prime does not
by mdm August 05, 2003
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A white girl or woman.
Let's holla at them gray girls.
by MDM January 27, 2005
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