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One of the most prestigious up and coming schools in New Jersey. Despite becoming a full time school in 2005, the school already has graduates attending Ivy League schools. A Vocational School that is quickly proving that "vo-techs" are not a last resort for losers and drug addicts, Morris County School of Technology has an impressive staff and small class sizes that offer a private school education for a public school price. Offering a wide range of academies, from The Academy of Culinary Arts to The Academy for Visual and Performing Arts to the Academy for Business and International finance and Health Care Sciences, MCST challenges the preconceived notions one has of a "vo-tech." The school has two branch academies, Law and Math, Science and Engineering. The Math, Science and Engineering academy scored the highest average SAT score in the country in 2010. Overall a school that everyone loves to hate and every student will always remember.
Middle School Student 1= You going to go to Delbarton or Seton Hall?

Middle School Student 2= I think I will go to Morris County School of Technology to major in Business and International finace.

Middle School Student 1= That sounds like a good idea, but I don't like business. I do want to be a doctor though.

Middle School Student 2= Then go to MCST and major in Health Care Sciences

Middle School Student 1= That's a pretty good idea, let's go to MCST and avoid snobby kids.
by MCST9 October 30, 2010

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