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Bengali slang word used to define kids/jits
Look at those polapain..who do they think they are?
by MCNshD May 08, 2010
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A slang used in the deep woods of thousand oaks, CA and various parts of Deerfield, FL. Used to describe a bisexual person who is not 100%sure that they are bisexual. This may be to lack of sexual interest, high stress levels, or just plain fruitness.
Hey are you Bi?
No, I'm mou baba
by MCNshD August 25, 2010
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Located in northern Dhaka City, Bashundhara R/A (also referred to simply as "The R-A", "Bashundhara", or "B.G.R.A") is an infamous area where teenagers come to race. The R-A plays an enormous role in dhaka street racing because of its wide roads and expensive and exotic cars. Bashundhara R/A also contributes to bangladeshi skaters. It is one of the only places where you will find skaters. Polapain or kids of bashundhara are of upper class and are infamously known to be destructive, violent, and powerful.
Hey, lets head out to Bashundhara R/A

You wanna race? Alright..its going down at Bashundhara R/A
by mcnshd July 13, 2010
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