2 definitions by M-CsmackAbitch

The buttstache occurs when a dude and a bitch are 69'ing and the bitch (or dude) farts directly on your lips and nose, causing the fart wind mustache "The Buttstache
friend 1: "This was fucking gross bro, I was going down on this bitch and she was suckin ma dick, all of a sudden, she ripped a fat one right on my face!" freind 2: "Ew what the fuck? It was the Buttstache"
by M-CsmackAbitch October 8, 2008
When you pull your cock out of some bitch and whip your excess jiz and hope it smacks her in the face or eye; thus ending up as an angry pirate.
Yo dude, remember that bitch I smacked and told to suck my dick? Yeah I gave her the final chapter! Right in her eye!
by M-CsmackAbitch October 8, 2008