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when 2 or more fools are involved in a tussle, scuffle,jail break attempt, they be tusslin'.

*tusslin' is ghetto in origin; old school, commonly used in the south, or in the hood.

Officer B: Those 3 guys aint shit. Not one of them could stop dude. They was tusslin' with a stranger they thought done robbed they office. WHY? They don't know him. I wish he had been packin' and shot they asses.
I saw all 4 of them tusslin'
*starts laughing, rolling around, and grabs his chest,for a good 3 minutes*
Dude was BLACK and didn't do shit but walk past those 3 white racist sons of bitches. . When they asked him why he was in the area, he told the truf.

Dude said "I'm walkin' off my drunk."

and he kept on walkin'. tusslin' with them fools prolly got his drunk off even quicker. Coulda been the robbery too.

by M Ryder February 14, 2008
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