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National Coney Island, (Coney for short) is a diner chain that seems to only be found in Michigan, though it's named after the island off the coast of Brooklyn (go figure).
A popular gathering for teens and truckers, Coney Island restaurants provide a causal atmosphere where many fights are started and where people don't feel the need to tip.
The food is greasy, the waitresses come and go faster than the seasons change, the patrons are loud and unruly, and "non-smoking" is slang for "slightly less smoky".
Most Coneys are open 24-7. Signature food items include: Coney Dog, Hani Deluxe, and their famous Chili Cheese Fries.
"I'm bored. Let's go to National Coney Island and start a fight."
by M@isMichaelPhelps August 20, 2008

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