2 definitions by Lysserloo

"Oh, really? You think I'm a milf? Well you're a pils. P-I-L-S" "Oooh, what's that?" "Person I'd like to stab."

-The Rocker
by Lysserloo August 24, 2008
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1. noun. Similar to a threesome, but as the title implies, involving only two people. It is not the same as sex...it is wilder; with the intensity of a threesome.

2. Can be used as a verb when appropriate. Implies the act of having wild sex.
1. "I had a twosome last night with some exotic chick. I'm exhausted."
"Twosome? You mean you had sex?"
"Naw, man. Twosomes are hotter!"

2. "Dude, I wanna take that chick home and twosome her!"

by Lysserloo September 5, 2008
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