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It's a Dice game that I play. You roll three dice until you get a number. A "number" is when you roll a dice and get two dice the same and one dice another number. Say you roll and get 2 2 3...three is your number. You roll until you get something. If you roll and get the same number as your opponent you double the bet. 1 2 3 automatically loses.... 4 5 6 automatically wins...a Trip # (111 222 333 444 555 666 beats any thing besides for a Trip of a higher number or 4 5 6)
I rolled a 1-2-3 in cee-lo today and lost all my loot.
by Lyricz March 26, 2004
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When a girl's stomach sticks out farther than her booty do.
Her stomach stick out farther than her booty do
by Lyricz December 24, 2003
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