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The opposite of "Understand".

Used when you do not understand something.
I'm so confused. I destand this quantum physics topic.
by Lukus McTaggert April 08, 2009
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to have splinters up your arse, usually as a result of fence-sitting.
Often used in relation to someone who is bisexual.
Jim: Rory's been spreading rumours bout you
Ben: You serious?
Jim: Yeah mate, he's been saying you got splinters up your arse.
Ben: Me? I'd rather be emo, wait, they're the same thing!
by Lukus McTaggert April 11, 2008
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1. The act of taking offence, or being offended.
2. To be annoyed or peeved by a person or event that affects you, usually in a negative way.
Lisa: Your a negative nancy!
Luke: I take offence at that, your a jerk.
Lisa: I take offence at being called a jerk, your out of my top friends!!
by Lukus McTaggert June 08, 2007
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