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Another word for a Penis, when used for anal sex. It can also be used as another word for a Butt plug, dildo or any other object used for anal pleasure or pain!

It can also be used as a insult, when talking about someone who is a pain in the arse.
My girlfrind loves anal sex! It must be down to the way I use my Bum Javelin!

James is such a Bum Javelin! He does my head in!

Becky loves using her collection of Bum Javelins! She is obsessed!
by Lukeg83 February 03, 2009

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A person that gets irritated or bites really easy when banter is thrown at him.
Rupert is such a Banter Biter!, he really does not like it when you bad mouth his car!
by Lukeg83 January 27, 2009

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Potential In-Laws, i.e. your girlfriend/boyfriends parents.
Luke: “Hi James, are you playing golf with us this weekend?”

James: “I can’t this weekend as I am going to visit Carly’s parents!”

Luke: “It’s good to see you putting in quality time with the Pinlaws!”
by Lukeg83 January 05, 2011

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