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A scallwhop is a hateful ho, who needs to know whats good. Many times associated with a pimp. Also known as Tricks, Marks, Trick-ass-marks, or mark-ass,tricks
Kailin is scallywhop.
by Luca May 12, 2004
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Means 'Generelle Abk├╝rzung' (General Abbreviation) in German and can therefore be used for literally EVERYTHING.
-I LOVE you!
-gak gak gak?
-gak gak!! (gak...)
by Luca November 19, 2003
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An ultra-politically correct term said to be used by feminists as a replacement for "human." See, "human" ends in "man," which should be replaced with "person." But even "huperson" ends with "son," so for ultimate equality it shall be changed to "offspring." Therefore, we have the absolutely sterile word "huperoffspring."
All the huperoffspring of the world should join hands in harmony and peace.
by Luca February 09, 2005
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a very stinky fart which is absolutely not noisy when done
just like gas poisonous farts..
by luca April 20, 2004
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The real crazy girl who loves Dux.
SKiNNa is ~InDaHOuSe@SKiNNaLuX.da.hOuSeScENe.and.FuCk.Me.I.aM.FaMoUs.tb.ngnet.it
by Luca January 11, 2004
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a new and most awesome word to insult someone, that doesnt mean anything and everything at the same time.
"yea well ....yea well... ur a snoobabdooby"
by Luca January 01, 2004
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