3 definitions by LowYummy

That one book series Millennials and Some of Gen Z based their entire personality off of when they were like 8.
A: I love Harry Potter!
B: when did you read it?
A: when I was 8!
B: what?
A: yeah the whole series and all the movies
B: what the fu-
by LowYummy February 27, 2022
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Something Tumblr Users used to mock LGTBQ+ people way back, it’s not real because “Neurodivergent people don't understand gender the same way as most people! Shut the fuck up! We are not bumbling idiots that are retarded. It’s not real!
A. I believe in Xenogender
C. It’s not real
C. Cry me a river.
by LowYummy February 11, 2022
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Usually an adult that has sexual feelings towards a child under the age of 13, a child that hasn’t gone through puberty. Or in other ways, some sick mentally ill motherfucker who thinks children are HOT! They’re not.
John: Did you hear Adam thinks pedophilia is okay?
Tyler: That’s disgusting.
by LowYummy February 11, 2022
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