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A new form of matter created by GORMACK, the destroy of worlds. Stank matter is created after Gormack consumes matter. The stank originates from between Gormacks legs. Symptoms include, instant fatigue, fluid in lungs, priapism, massive thrombus in the brain, pulmonary embolisms, immediate sudden cardiac arrest, spontaneous combustion, hemorrhoids, kidney failure, acute liver failure, a weakened immune system, cataracts, death of loved ones, the apocalypse, hallucinations, schizophrenia, cancer of every organ and body part, death, fungal infections, racism, gay thoughts, suicidal thoughts, nicotine addiction, more than one boyfriend and even playing the french horn. Stank was first discovered after gormacks crusty underwear were shattered. Stank matter can be used in the Stankray
John- I believe it was the stank that killed her roommates.
Tyler- I went in there once.
Tyler- gave me instant fatigue.
by Lore master of Gormack February 16, 2020

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The ever powerful being. The destroyer of worlds. The true creator. Gormack created god to have a worthy opponent. Gormacks true identity was discovered on a trip to florida after her roommates were destroyed by the stank.
Tyler- Kelphy where are you going

John- Kelphy where the fuck are you going.
Gormack- I must leave

John- Oh fuck oh shit it’s Gormack
by Lore master of Gormack February 16, 2020

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