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Ancient Gothic God of darkness and power. Reveared by Meso- ostro- and ester-goths. Aka in various countries as: Steinseele; ├éme en pierre l'immortal; Alma de pedra o goth; anima di pietra del signore; 夜的石灵魂; 暗闇の石造りの精神;밤 주, Stone SoulThe Immortal; Stone Soul, Lord of Night. Held in difering levels of reverance by different cultures, generaly worshiped as immortal, supernatural. Appears in differing forms and in human forms of differing ages according to various cultures standards. Is central in some urban legends and anceint scandanavian and gothic proverbs.
Hail to thee, Stone soul, Lord of Night, Immortal one, protect us in the shadows of thy kingdom's folds, hide our frailty and endow us with thy strength.
by Lordis April 05, 2004
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