1 definition by LordKrispy

1) Popular British TV programme with 'Red Dwarf's' Kryton actor Robert Llewllyn, along with Lisa Rogers, commonly watched by ugly, overweight, aged, but somewhat esoteric and cool and geeky men. Women almost entirely not allowed, except Lisa Rogers.

2) The act of sifting through the pile of old, stained and somewhat sticky jazz-mags hidden - probably badly - from your other half/parents/housemates/cleaner in order to find the one image of substance that might, today as well as potentially up to 5 years ago, get you off.

3) To find something useful in a pile of seemingly old useless shit.
Mate, I had such a rand on last night I had to resort to a bit of 'scrapheap challenge'. Oh, the memories!
by LordKrispy April 19, 2009
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