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Once used by the hacker community as sort of a sub-culture language, ANYONE using this type of speak in the present day in age is either:

A) A clueless net newbie who somehow thinks its still "cool" to speak this way.

B) A veteren net user who uses it to parody the type of people mentioned in example A.
u r n0t 1337 d00d!!11
by Lord Requiem November 14, 2002

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Power Metal is the description for today's "true heavy metal" sound. Power Metal bands are always guitar driven, with keyboards rarely making much of an appearance. The vocals are of the clean sounding variety, and usually feature very powerful, talented vocalists who can really reach the upper ranges of the vocal spectrum.

Generally, the songs are fast paced, and employ fantasy themes including (but not limited to) dragons, gladiators, warriors, valhalla, Lord of the Rings, polished steel weapons, and generally conceptual themes that deal with very "manly" concepts, at least in a historical sense. You will rarely find songs about love, sadness, or failure.

Power Metal is very uplifting, powerful music, that appeals to people who like to get inspiration from their tunes. Catchy, epic, and generally enjoyable as hell, Power Metal is a great genre that, regrettably, far too few people know about.
Lost Horizon is the finest example of power metal in the world today.
by Lord Requiem April 06, 2004

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