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Is a girl that will go on a roller coaster with you. Then she will let you clap cheeks after word😉.Go find your self a Mckenzie guys/girls.
Ex:did you see Mckenzie?
Other:yeah we went on a roller coaster. Then we clapped cheeks.🥵
by Lolollololo October 26, 2019

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Tucker is a guy that claps cheeks with McKenzie and they will go in church events and clap them cheeks 24/7 all day every day

2)tucker is a guy that ends up with a girl mckenzie and they have 5 kids and live in a big house so he is a dominant with her and she loves it 🤭🤐🥴🥴👅 have fun mckenzie.
Tucker-hey mckenzie you are my girl and my baby mama you will always have my heart. ... I Love You

McKenzie- aww tucker you are the best ...I Love You! ❤️
by Lolollololo November 02, 2019

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