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When a party is spread out over a few different locales by rationing out the amount of kegs at one venue. The party usually starts off at a designated spot and then moves in order from the next closest spot, & so on, all the way to the farthest participating locale. This causes the party goers to move from one venue to the next once the final keg is kicked at one location. Moving the party location decreases the chances of it being busted since the cops won't be able to pin down the exact party spot. This type of collective party is usually an all day event starting anywhere as early as noon and ending anytime around four in the morning.
Geoff: So I hear there's going to be a keg crawl this weekend with four of the houses around Hudson Ave.

Jim: Really? That's sweet. I love a good keg crawl, hopefully things won't get busted then.
by Lola J July 22, 2008
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What friends(mostly girls) call a fellow friend who returns the next morning after presumably having intercourse either with a stranger, a fuck buddy(someone who is not your bf/gf & yet you still have sex with them on a regular basis), an acquaintance, or someone you hook up with on occasion but not frequently enough for them to qualify as your fuck buddy.
Good Morning fuck bug.

Where did you end up last night fuck bug?

What did you end up doing last night fuck bug? (usually said with sarcasm & with the answer already known)

Liz is the usual fuck bug of the group.
by Lola J July 22, 2008
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