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Someone who has a lot of patience to go through airport security numerous amounts of times.
Damn, I don't know how a frequent flier can handle the tight security here.
by Logical Thinker August 19, 2005

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A company that produced poor quality games in the past, they are bankrupt now because of the lack of success.
Is this game gaming company going to be a success or a 3DO, read this article and find out.
by Logical Thinker August 20, 2005

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An evil organization bent on controlling everyone in the world to make Bill Gates richer. They are responsible for shelling out the horrible video game console, the Xbox, ehich sucks worse than any NeoGeo console. Their e-mail services known as hotmail, and their communication services are the worst services in the world when compared to Yahoo or AOL.
Ugh, this Microsoft Messenger is frustrating the hell out of me.
by Logical Thinker August 16, 2005

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