3 definitions by Logic316us

1. To enjoy very greatly.

2. To have an orgasm.

3. To get high.
One guy says to another at a party (where drugs are freely available) "So, did you get off tonight?"
Other guy responds "Dude, that's disgusting!"
by Logic316us June 18, 2009
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Somebody who sucks up to cops way too much.
These blue nosers need to realize that wearing a uniform doesn't make somebody a saint.
by Logic316us October 19, 2008
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Being forced to accept an extremely unpleasant situation as part of a bargain.
I like Windows well enough, but I wish Microsoft wouldn't force-feed me that shit sandwich Internet Explorer along with it. It's a bloated memory hog and a security risk, and you can't even remove the damn thing.
by Logic316us April 8, 2008
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