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1. adj. Looking very bling bling or "gangsta".
2. adj. Something only in the process of when it is happening, that is very pleasureful or appealing. This may only be said by a 3rd or viewing party.
1. Steve looked niced as he strolled down the lane.
2. (Looking at Amanda and Tiffiny make out) Joey says,"niced"
by Logan Smith February 02, 2004

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Klu Klux Klan member, in uniform.
lets dress up like big scary ghosts and walk around downtown
by Logan Smith December 17, 2004

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1. An 8-foot tall, hairy creature from Kashyyk.
2. A slang term for an armpit with more hair than a rat.
3. See Keven Burgess
1. Someone get this walking carpet out of my way.
2. Caitlin has scary chewbacca-pits
3. Keven, you have no friends, now take off the damn 3-d glasses!
by Logan Smith January 19, 2004

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