15 definitions by Loc- O

1)Crip Term. Crips sometimes say "loc" instead of cuz.
2)It also means crazy

Sometimes slobz say loc too but they spell it lok and they got that from getting banged on by crips
1)"wuz craccin loc?"
2)"I'm loced to the brain cuz!! I'll kill you."
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
Snuff means Punch. Its Boo-york slang
if any of you ever listened to Big L he told you that in "Ebonics"
"...so I just walked up to him and snuffed that nigga out of his shoes"
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
The word originally was gang slang for Long Beach Crip because every gang has pride for their city. As Long beach crip rappers like snoop got big, the term got bigger.For people from long beach who are not gangsters the term now means Long Beach City or Long Beach California. Oh yeah, Long Beach Crips is not a gang in fact all Long Beach Crip Gangs dont even get along contrary to what "Tha Eastsidaz" portray.
Q.Where you from Cuz?
A. I'm from that LBC loc.
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
FUCK SLOBZ but Piru is not a set gang from blood, Blood was a set of Piru originally. A set is a gang branched off of a nother gang. Ex. NeighborHood Crip is a gang, somebody or poeple from NHC might move from the hood and start NeighborHood Crip in another area, say 40th street. Now 40th street is called Neighborhood 40 Crip which is a set gang of NeighborHood Crip. get it? Set gangs dont always get along either.
NH40C(NeighborHood 40 Crip) and NH60C(Neighborhood 60 Crip) are set gangs of NeighborHood Crip
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
cuzzo is like saying "cuz" alot of crips from north cali say "cuzzo" in place of "cuz"
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
first off, fuck piru and all ruster gangs. Piru originally stood for "Panthers In Red Uniform" and they claim Piru st. They were the first "bloods" before slobs were called bloods. Most people call them rusters which is pronounced "Roosters" because they sometimes say "ru" in place of "blood". No real gangster is from any blood gang especially not Piru.
NonBanger-"U a blood nigga?"
Ruster-"I'm a piru"
by Loc- O June 22, 2004
Criminals Runnin It Patnuh! only real killerz in gangbanging society
by Loc- O June 22, 2004