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The craziest of metaphorical INTERNET vehicles that takes you directly to lulz without passing go.
Internet Pedestrian: wtf i hate you!

lolbike rider: HAR HAR HAR, silly netped, dont be such a n00b
by LoLex July 29, 2009
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netped is short for "Internet Pedestrian" and refers to tourist internet users who lack the fundamental understand of the internet that is required to ride lolbikes and fly roflcopters. Often victim of trolls and largely ignored by the internet elite who are too busy flying over and cycling between the traffic jam of main stream internet culture questing for lulz. They also find memes hilarious even though they do not understand them and have no sense of when a meme has run out of lulz.

lolbike rider: die in a fire....
by LoLex August 02, 2009
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