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The act of repeatedly lowering one's ballsack onto another person's head/forehead. Ususally performed by male strippers on clients.
Male Stripper 1: You see that old woman?
Male Stripper 2: Yeah.
MS 1: I was just teabagging her.
MS 2: That's my mom.
MS 1: Oh... *uncomfortable silence*
by Lizzy G November 22, 2007
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Stinkier neighbor of Poopie Pooperton (Metaphorically speaking, of course. In real terms, a dirty-as-fuck-crack pipe).
Guy 1: Where's Poopie Pooperton?
Guy 2: I don't know...but we can can use Stinky Mcstinkface.
Guy 1: Okay... :(
by Lizzy G November 24, 2007
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